These 3 Patios Make an Unsexy Technical Detail Cool (8 photos)

Drainage is a critical detail — even if it’s not the sexiest — when it comes to patios and other outdoor spaces. Without good drainage, you could end up with pooling, flooding or damage to surrounding structures. Permeable paving offers an integrated solution, but it’s not always an option.


Where to Store Your Ironing Board (7 photos)

Whatever your ironing style — whether you like to press every piece of clothing right down to your socks or you have a more relaxed approach to wrinkle reduction — chances are you own an ironing board. But where should you store this essential but bulky item? Here are some inspired solutions.

Home Time: Bring Touches of Forest Into Your House (9 photos)

When your vacation time becomes a faint memory, it’s wonderful to bring the getaway feeling from one of your favorite trips into your home. If a camping trip or cabin stay in the forest is your favorite kind of adventure, create the calm, peaceful feeling of the woods indoors with soothing green hues,...